specialty equipment

Specialty Equipment

A tech company had created custom server racks for one specific project. After the project was finished, the company still incurs data-center charges for the servers. The company wants to sell the equipment to save money and recoup some of its investment. The managers are not sure the custom-made servers are resalable.

The company contacts GenesisDome to sell the custom servers. With our years of experience, GenesisDome has the expertise to value the equipment. We remove the valuable components, including CPUs and memory, then use our network to secure the best prices for the equipment. GenesisDome is R2 certified for IT asset disposal, and we recycle the parts responsibly.

Removing the equipment enabled the company to reduce its data-center costs. GenesisDome helped generate the greatest return on the specialty equipment.

Our solutions are organically imbedded within Genesis's Zero Landfill e-waste and products recycling platform for full integration, maximum security and protection, optimal value recovery and complete waste elimination.

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Leading U.S. corporations depend on Genesis for one-source 100% zero Landfill waste elimination, cost reduction and business growth solutions in the following market segments:
It Asset Management
IT Asset Disposition
IT Value recovery
IT Asset Security
Data Destruction
Product Brand Protection
Manufactured Product EOL Management
Product Market Recovery
E-Waste and Product Recycling
E-Waste and Product Zero Landfill Management


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