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"Since Genesis's inception, the vision and end goal has been nothing less than a 100% Zero-Landfill policy. It was true passion for both of us, and it drove all operational procedures, to set KPIs and shaped subsequent strategic and technical directions."

Eugene Melnitsky and Aaron Goldstein, Founders

Genesis's Zero Landfill E-waste Management Platform


As a society, we know that zero landfill waste management is a noble and worthy undertaking. As a business community, we understand the necessary costs and the need for optimization. But can an enterprise level zero landfill initiative actually be profitable?

Yes it can. That vision from Genesis Electronics Recycling became a Genesis Dome.

A profitable, enterprise level, zero landfill manufactured product disposition platform. A suite of advanced one source technological and business solutions for optimal manufactured product management and disposition process organically embedded into a zero landfill e-waste recycling platform.

Genesis Dome is a product life cycle management and disposition platform, supporting corporate zero landfill initiatives with higher ROIs, security and business growth.

We work closely with our clients on minimizing their waste through use of source reduction and/or environmentally sound recycling methods prior to energy recovery, treatment, or disposal of wastes.

We are personally involved with our clients at the source reduction level by providing feed back, advising on and exploring options for early retirement of equipment, Reformulating or redesigning products, using less toxic feedstocks, such as switching to the use of lead-free solder in manufacturing, while improving work practices, etc.

While source reduction is not economically practical yet, we optimize our clients recycling efforts to securely reclaim maximum value from production by-products before retiring them as waste in accordance with zero landfill policies. Often it includes the reuse or recovery of in-process materials or materials generated as by-products that can be processed further on-site or sent offsite to reclaim value.

We've built a robust “de-manufacturing” process that offers additional options for asset value recovery by disassembling equipment for commodity-grade materials, which can be diverted from landfills and used to create new base materials.

We are continuously searching for new creative approaches to retire unusable materials.

For example, Genesis is sponsoring the creation of a gallery of art works made exclusively from recycled computerized components and materials, as well as a museum of obsolete electrical and electronic equipment. Proceeds from the sale of these uniquely stunning works go to support charity and to promote zero landfill initiative.

Environmentally Sustainable IT Assets Recycling

GenesisDome is a leading IT equipment recycling service. We resell computers and IT equipment that still has useful life and recycle equipment that's no longer useful. All end-of-life equipment is disassembled to allow for safe recovery of raw materials, which can then be used in other products.

We're one of the industry's most experienced providers of computer recycling services, and, as a green IT recycler, our practices conform to EPA hazardous e-waste disposal guidelines.

E-Waste recycling

Computers and other IT equipment contain toxic substances, which can impact the environment. E-waste only counts for 3% of waste streamed to landfills BUT accounts for 70% of the toxic substances found in landfills.Over the past several decades, millions of personal computers and related hardware have been sold every year, and that means millions of PCs being unethically discarded every year. Failure to do so legally can result in stiff fines and penalties. GenesisDome is a highly experienced technology recycling company, and we're fully compliant with every applicable law and regulation.

Why GenesisDome?

GenesisDome is not only a top tier company that complies with laws and regulations governing the disposal of IT assets and e-waste, we also have every major certification:

  • R2 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Compliant with EPA guidelines
  • Registered Electronic Waste Recycling Facility
  • No landfill, no export, no prison labor
  • Fully insured

GenesisDome is an EPA-compliant recycler, with experience recycling servers and storage devices, networking equipment, desktop and laptop computers, printers, audio/video equipment, and more.

And of course our R2 certified, zero landfill recycling process continues to organically support an industry leading ITAD and Manufactured Product Disposition platform, offering cutting edge solutions in Brand Protection, EOL Management, Value Recovery, Security and Data destruction..

Leading US corporations rely on Genesis one source solution suite for Trusted Maximum Security, Reliable Maximum Value Recovery and Zero Landfill Recycling

Contact our e-waste and co-product recycling experts for fair prices, prompt removal and optimization solutions. Call us toll-free at 888-788-4363, email, or click here to fill out our online form. One of our specialists will respond promptly. If you have spreadsheets cataloging your equipment, please feel free to forward them to speed the process

Leading U.S. corporations depend on Genesis for one-source 100% zero Landfill waste elimination, cost reduction and business growth solutions in the following market segments:
It Asset Management
IT Asset Disposition
IT Value recovery
IT Asset Security
Data Destruction
Product Brand Protection
Manufactured Product EOL Management
Product Market Recovery
E-Waste and Product Recycling
E-Waste and Product Zero Landfill Management


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