data erasure

Data Destruction

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8M, and the damage to your brand can reverberate for years to come. That's we made it our top priority to not just mitigate, but eliminate data security risks.

Our customers can rest assured that all data-bearing assets turned over to us are being wiped clean or physically destroyed. We offer end-to-end chain-of-custody during transportation to ensure accountability between all parties. Our erasure software complies with all major government standards, including NIST 800-88, DOD 8550-22-M, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, FACTA, and SOX.

To help our clients maintain a clean audit trail we offer the following:

  • Serialized Certificate of Destruction indicating which media was wiped and destroyed
  • $1 Million Cyber Liability policy
  • Clear language for privacy and non-disclosure in our Master Services Agreement
  • Published Information Security Policy outlining physical and virtual security measures

DOD-Compliant Data-Wiping Software

The privacy of your company's and your customers' precious data depends on effective data-wiping procedures when disposing of IT assets. Failure to erase data completely could subject you to civil and criminal penalties, depending on your industry. Worse, customers' trust in your company could be compromised.

GenesisDome can help you confirm to federally recommended data-wiping protocols, to protect your company and ensure your data security and privacy, thereby avoiding costly legal claims.

Hard-drive destruction and data erasure

Robust data-wiping software is one of the best ways to erase data from IT equipment. Today's data-wiping tools also record drive sizes, serial numbers, processor speeds, and more, giving you comprehensive records of sanitized storage devices and media. The results are fully auditable, adding another layer of security for your company.

GenesisDome uses military-grade data-wiping software, providing:

  • Auditable reports for corporate compliance
  • Compliance with the latest requirements, including Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA
  • Adherence to all U.S. government standards (NSA, DOD 5220.22M), and EU standards (DIPCOG, NS, ABW)
  • Compliance with NISPOM, NIST, and DOD guidelines (DOD 5220.22M)
And of course our R2 certified, zero landfill recycling process continues to organically support an industry leading ITAD and Manufactured Product Disposition platform, offering cutting edge solutions in Brand Protection, EOL Management, Value Recovery, Security and Data destruction

Leading US corporations rely on Genesis one source solution suite for Trusted Maximum Security, Reliable Maximum Value Recovery and Zero Landfill Recycling

We're here to help Contact us about our data-wiping services, fair-market liquidation prices, and fast removal of your IT assets. Call us toll-free at , email us, or click here to fill out our online form. One of our specialists will reach out to you promptly. If you have spreadsheets cataloging your equipment, please feel free to forward them to speed the process.

Leading U.S. corporations depend on Genesis for one-source 100% zero Landfill waste elimination, cost reduction and business growth solutions in the following market segments:
It Asset Management
IT Asset Disposition
IT Value recovery
IT Asset Security
Data Destruction
Product Brand Protection
Manufactured Product EOL Management
Product Market Recovery
E-Waste and Product Recycling
E-Waste and Product Zero Landfill Management


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