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Data-Destruction Certificates

Many asset management companies offer data-destruction certificates, but the industry currently has no certifying authority. Paper data-destruction certificates are not proof that appropriate data-destruction methods have been followed. Only digital data-sanitation reports offer auditable proof, companies still need to confirm compliance with governmental guidelines for secure data destruction.

What is a digital data-destruction certificate?

Digital data-destruction certificates are produced once the data-wiping process is complete. Special software tracks and records data wiping automatically. When the job is complete, it saves the information to a PDF file for your records.

Information on the data-destruction certificate verifies that DOD-compliant data destruction has been performed. The certificate includes:

  • Report ID
  • Client name
  • Equipment brand and model
  • Equipment serial number
  • RAM
  • HDD size
  • HDD model and serial numbers
  • Disk wiping method
  • Number of passes performed
  • Number of bad sectors

Unlike paper printouts of data-destruction results, digital data-destruction certificates are backed by legal documents supporting data-destruction contracts and are completely auditable.

Which processes are eligible for certificates?

Digital data-destruction certificates are only issued when data is destroyed using approved disk-wiping software. Hard-drive destruction via degaussing or shredding doesn't produce certificates. Data-destruction companies can provide DVD video evidence of equipment being destroyed. The recordings show each hard drive being destroyed, documenting that equipment has been made unusable.

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